Fog-X for Glasses

  • Fits any eye wear
  • 1.5x1in (4x2.7cm) oval
  • Lasting anti-fog and scratch resistant
  • Easily peeled off without residue leftover  
  • Not for curved sunglasses or lab protective eyewear (but we are working on it!)

Born out of the COVID pandemic, these larger versions of Fog-X are meant to be used in regular glasses which fogged up when healthcare workers wore masks. 


Are the inserts blue or clear?

Clear. There are protective films on both sides of the inserts that need to be removed with the pull tabs. One of these films is blue, but should be off by the time you are ready, leaving a clear insert.

Does the insert fit any glasses?

Mostly yes. Some glasses are a little small and you may need to cut down the edges of the Fog-X insert using scissors. For most glasses, there is no issue.

Do the inserts work on very curved glasses, sunglasses or protective lab eyewear?

If the glasses are very curved, the inserts won't work because the adhesive is not strong enough to handle the curvature. You can however cut the inserts hamburger style and place the side by side as pictured below. We are working on making these a stand alone product too.


How long does the anti-fog effect last?

Over a year! 

My glasses are still fogging up bad on the first use or the insert won't stick on the glasses...

Sometimes, an extra layer of protective films is left on the insert. This keeps the anti-fog or adhesive layer covered up so it won't work. You can try to pry off this extra layer or use a piece of tape to peel it off. If all else fails, just hit us up at for a new pack!

They worked for a few days but are now fogging up... 

The inserts can get dirty quickly. Just rub them real well with a tissue or T-shirt and they should clear up right away. Fog-X is very scratch resistant and you won't harm it by rubbing.


Can I peel it off and replace it?

Sure. You won't need to, but you could. The adhesive is silicone based and leaves no residue on your goggles. If you need to replace them, simply peel them off and stick new ones in.

Customer Reviews

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Bryan Ziegenthaler
Did not work

Would not stick to my lens. I followed the directions but just bubbled up in the center and came right off.

Hello Bryan,

Thanks for letting us know this feedback. We will work to make this better. In the meantime, a refund has been issued. Thank you again for trying Fog-X,
- Karl


Order # 1644
I wear my goggle mask just to go shopping or interiors facilities due the coronavirus (I am not wearing for swimming).
I had my hopes set on this product "FOG X FOR GOGGLES" to try at least keep away the fog 30 minutes at one time.
Due this was very important for me, I followed very close the instructions in the package and videos available:
The package contains 4 seals.
I use two same brand, different goggles masks.
Test #1):
1) Washed and dried the interior and exterior lenses to be very clean, dry and clear.
2) Peel the red tabs
3) Insert and peel the blue tab
4) With my finger (not the nail) rub to avoid the bubles
5) Rinse and keep wet.Immediately after y wear my goggles
The results: VERY BAD; 10 seconds after I put them on my face, the part where was the seal Fogx started fogging, 3 minutes later I took them off

Test # 2
I follow de steps 1,2,3 and avoid 4 and 5 ( just to see if the rubbing may have scraped some antifog material on the seal)
Results...Same than the first test...Very BAD.
Conclusion: It did not work for me...I am going to continuous using the baby shampoo and others ways to deal as now with the fog problem.

Alex W.
They work

These really work- put them in larger format swim googles and no fog. It was challenging getting them in and the tabs did not pull off properly but once in they are magic so far. Thank you

Worked as advertised, but don't stay stuck to curved lenses

They work as promised to prevent fogging, but the film isn't designed to stick to curved surfaces and/or plastic. I tried to install them on my safety glasses and they wouldn't sit flat so at least one edge was always detached. Where they were stuck down, they didn't fog, so that part worked really nice. When I came back several hours later they had detached from the lenses, so they either don't stick to curved lenses, or don't stick to plastic. I'm not sure which, but they won't work for my needs.

Daniel McKeown
Do not buy this product

This product does not work as advertised at all.