We were tired of swimming through a fog.

That's why we created Fog-X, the only long lasting anti-fog insert that you apply once and forget.

- Two pairs (four total) inserts included

- Easily replaced to refresh your anti-fog

- Scratch resistant to protect your goggles

- Patent pending

Fog-X anti-fog inserts for swimming goggles

Long lasting, scratch resistant anti-fog!

"I can really tell a difference from when I had the FogX than when I didn't. It was life changing! I could actually see the clock during sets!"
"I was skeptical FogX would work... but an hour into my swim I realized I hadn't wiped my goggles off once!"
"Using the FogX definitely makes a difference in keeping my goggles fog free the entire practice!"
"We do a lot of open water distance events. FogX helps cut through the dark lake for the whole race, every time."
"I've been using the same FogX inserts for weeks now, and it's still working like it did on day one!"

- Fits any eye wear
- 1.5x1in (4x2.7cm) oval

- Lasting anti-fog and scratch resistant

- Easily peeled off without residue leftover

Fog-X Tutorial

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Or your money back!